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Sol Media Blog – How to win at social media

The social media marketing wave is here, and its here to stay! For a long while many people, brands and companies were convinced that this new way of “promoting and advertising” themselves was just a hype and just like many fads over the years, social media too would fizzle but we were wrong. Social media has become the best tool to use to get millions of people, wherever they may be in the world, to read about your brand, see your products and engage with you and in turn, you with your customers. It is a tool that provides almost immediate insights into what’s working, how its working and what you can change or do better or more of in order to get the desired results.

So understanding the power of social media marketing is easy, trying to navigate through the algorithms and various “must haves” in order to be truly successful at it, is a bit more challenging. Thats why we are here!

I have been on social media and in marketing for many years now, so needless to say iv picked up a few things along the way:). Little nuggets of gold that I want to share with you to help you get to where you need to be. Ill be especially focused on instagram so if that’s something you need some help with, subscribe on here and follow us on instagram to stay updated

There are little things that you can change on your instagram from the profile name you choose to your hashtags, that will help to increase noticeability and engagement. And my job is to help you understand how to work with these so that you can get on the road to insta stardom 🙂

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